Back in the good old days, freedom of speech went just so far and came at a cost. Censorship, especially in entertainment, was at its highest… even in private clubs. Blues singers had to seduce their audiences with clever lyrics, double entendres, and lots of food references to get around strict decency laws. Singer Rev. Mary and her Blue Crew unveil a steamy array of vintage bawdy blues paying homage to performers like Mae West, Sophie Tucker, Bessie Smith, Rosa Henderson, Ruth Brown, Stella Johnson … and Barrel House Annie, to name a few. You’ll be amazed at all the hidden meanings “grease my griddle,” “hot dog roll,” “mighty tight,” “arriving in low,” and “put some sugar in my bowl,” can have.

Granny’s Blue-Mers is named after Rev. Mary’s Grandma who always kept a drawer full of lacy bloomer, panties, bras and slips. She told the
Rev. that when she was growing up in the 1920s there were many girls having a great time being sexy and fun. Rev. started to research this story and the music of that era and those after it to discover her Granny wasn’t lying! Bessie Smith, Lil Johnson, Ida Cox, Mae West, Sophie Tucker and so many more scandalous ladies created and recorded songs about sex, body parts they liked and didn’t, lovers they liked and how they like them as well as songs about being left with only a vibrator to keep them company. Each song was done with class and elegance with each lyric carefully sewn together full of metaphors and double entendre! Sexy, funny and witty. Rev. Mary keeps those songs alive and as authentic as she can with her merry band of Blue-Mers!


This is an act that is both hilarious and wonderfully done musically.