Granny’s Blue-Mers Libretto

Translation of Terms used in the show

A Mighty Tight Woman:  A woman who is good at things like keeping money in the house or making it.  Also that her genitals are “tight” which makes having sex with her very good.

Stavin’ Chain: Originally, a staving chain was a length of chain having a loop on one end used, like a dog choker, to pull the staves of a barrel together so that the hoops could be driven on.  Some sources say that Stave ‘n’ Chain was a legendary (possibly real) late 19th century strong man who worked on the railroad and was known for his large &stave.&  Others say that stavin’ chain is an appliance used to keep a man from premature ejaculation; presumably the woman pulls on this noose-like device around the base of his penis to keep her man from cumming before she does.

If you don’t shake, you won’t get no cake:  If you don’t shake as in intercourse you won’t get any of my sexual parts.  

My cake: Woman’s sexual organs.

Back your horse out of my stable: Take your penis out of my vagina.

My Daddy Rocks Me:  My lover has sexual intercourse with me.

Wild About that Thing: Love a penis or vagina.

Raising Sam: Getting and Erection

SAM: An Erection or a Sexy Attractive Man

Press My Button and Ring My Bell. Woman: Press my nipples or clitoris and put fingers or a penis inside of my vagina.  Man: Touch and shake my penis.

Spark Plug: Penis

Holding yours back: Taking a long time to reach orgasm.

Rubber in her back: A man bending a woman in every direction to find satisfaction as though she was rubber.

Twirled from right to left: Moving the hips right and left during intercourse or using a hand in a vagina or on a penis right and left.

A fox up a tree:  Red animal the fox…foxy woman climbing on a penis.

You stole my Cherry: You took my Virginity.

My gauge goes up: Get an erection, get aroused.

My love comes down: My vaginal fluids flow.

Got nuts in my bag: Breasts in my bra or a man’s testicles.

Rich like Cream: His Ejaculate

Sugar in My Bowl: Penis in my vagina that makes me feel great!

On the Square: Out of the house or a boring type.

Organ Grinder: Good lover with staying power

Cabbage: Buttocks

Bacon: Penis

Beret: Penis

Load of big Artillery: Large Male Genitalia

Cowing Rooster: Hard Penis

Duty: Do it right.

Radiator: Vagina

If You Make your own bed hard: Make your own self aroused. Masturbate.

Whip it: Masturbate

Hash: Ejaculatory fluid

Succotash: Same as above

Clam: Female genitalia

Ham: Vulva

Baloney: Penis

Sausage: Penis

Doughnuts: Testicles

Jelly Roll: Penis/Vagina

Keyhole: Vagina

Key: Penis

Backdoor Man: A man who comes in the back door OR a man who has Anal Sex with someone

Alley: The Rectum

Gotta See Mama: Have sex with Mama

Squeeze her: Squeeze her clitoris

Chauffeur: A man that has sex hard

Take the Door off the Hinges: Spread legs or buttocks very wide

The Meat: The Penis