Hire Granny’s Blue-Mers



All of these songs are available for any venue. 

We have vocals, Ukulele, Guitar, Washboards, Spoons, Piano and Bass

Crazy ‘Bout My Lollypop

Get It Fixed

He May Be Your Dog but He’s Wearing My Collar

Me and My Chauffer Blues

Don’t You Feel My Leg

I Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Gone

Organ Grinder Blues

Don’t Come Too Soon

Down In the Alley

Do Your Duty

Crazy Blues

Oh, Daddy

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Empty Bed Blues

My Daddy Rocks Me

Mighty Tight Woman

Press My Button Ring My Bell

My Handy Man

My Kitchen Man

Sam the Hot Dog Man

Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl

Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues

It Ain’t the Meat, It’s The Motion

A Guy What Takes His Time

Let’s Get Drunk and Truck

I’m Selling My Pork Chops (But I’m Giving My Gravy Away)

If You See My Rooster

Bumble Bee

T’ain’t nobody’s Business If I Do

My Man Stands Out

Send Me a Man

Daddy, You’ve Got Ev’rything

Second Hand man

Ain’t Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee

Wet It

King Size Papa

I’m Wild about That Thing

Press My Button, Ring My Bell

You Stole My Cherry

Take Your Hand off It

Telephone Man

Honey Dipper Blues

Kissing In the Dark

Anybody Here Want to Try My Cabbage

It’s Tight Like That

My Girl’s Pussy

I’ve got a Crush on the Fuller Brush Man

The Spinach Song

Send Me a Man

I’ve Got Ford Engine Movements in My Hips

Bed Spring Poker

Do Your Duty

Black Eye Blues

Second Hand Man

Back Door Man




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