Changes and new beginnings

Recently Granny’s Blue-Mers has had a change of musicians.

This was an Interesting test of my connection to the reason I do this work. There were some that wanted to rush, push and prod me to make money doing this show or to change it in ways that would highlight them and aid them in making more money in other places. There was one in particular who said things to me like, “I am not your Goddamned friend Mary, you’re supposed to get me money not talk to me!” Now, there’s nothin wrong with money honey but I think when that is all one plays for or sings for or teaches for one becomes a shell of the artist one is or could be. There has to be fulfillment too.

I believe that art is collaborative. I like working with others and I like that camaraderie and support.

Now, I have people around me that respect the work we do and yes they want money too, we all need to live but its a different feeling. Now, I have people like me that respect themselves and the music and the people who wrote it. They as I do, respect the audience too and not just to earn money. Together I feel we can make darkness disappear in the lives of those that honor us with their presence in our theater, if only for a short time. That’s what this is all for.

This gift of being on the stage comes with it huge responsibilities and not everyone is really made to carry them. I do it for love. I do it to heal my audience and myself, I do it for art and exploration and to sing the songs of the past that my Granny might have heard or sung in her youth. She would have laughed so hard at my songs! I named this group for her!

I do it to bring back voices,ideas and beauty that has been buried under commercialism. I am free now of the chains I let others wrap me in.

Come on down hear us and come and laugh and enjoy the night with us. We have so few laugh filled nights to look back on don’t we?

We are a tiny thing in the big picture but we all are aren’t we?

Let us fill you with smiles and light. That’s our job.

Namaste-Rev. Marythe-singer-looks-at-the-orchestra-from-behind-the-scenes-before-going-on-stage_hwjy8pfl__F0000


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  1. Beautifully put, Mary. You continue to inspire through your honesty, your artistry and your humanity.


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