Go Fund US and help us Make An Album!


We have been playing in bars, clubs and cabarets in NYC for almost two years. Everywhere we go people ask for an album.  We want to get into the studio and really get these old, funny, dirty, hokum, vaudeville tunes down.  Its about MORE than getting us on recording, which is really important but also to make this music, much of it forgotten available to others not here! How wonderful to be able to spread this work and these songs and revitalize them, fill them with light and life again! We would like to get going by Fall 2018. If you can help a little or a lot you will be doing a service to us as musicians and singers but also to history and music! Some of these songs are over 100 years old and they are as funny and smart as they  were then.  Help preserve.  If you do help we will be so very grateful to you! You will be giving us all and these songs a change to thrive. Blessings.


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